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Block malicious, adults & bad contents on mobile devices and computer!

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Onbibi Family Shield

Onbibi Family Shield is the perfect way to protect your kids from inapproriate contents on the Internet.

★ Malicious & adult contents blocking

★ Create safe Internet evironment for family & children

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Onbibi Web Browser

Onbibi Browser is a fast, secure, privacy and smart web browser. It is designed for both phone and tablet with fast loading speed, quick search and super adblocker. 

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Onbibi Social Start-up Fund

Onbibi Social Start-up Fund is a project of Onbibi to help young people who want to create wondeful things or solving social issues. We help & support young social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations.

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Our mission

Make Internet become a safe place!

Protect children from bad things on the Internet!

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What Our Fantastic Users Say

“Onbibi browser is very fast and powerful. For now, it is the best browser. Hope the developer maintains the standard.”
“ My family use Onbibi Family Shield. I love it, protect our kids from bad things on the Internet..”
“ Highly recommended to use Onbibi apps..”

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